iGEM Startup Showcase

October 28, 2022

From supporting the next generation of scientists, to showcasing the latest innovations in synthetic biology - each year, iGEM brings together leaders in synthetic biology to discuss breakthroughs in biotechnology.

This year, Synbiote was given the opportunity to participate in the global iGEM Jamboree for synthetic biology in Paris. As part of the Food & Manufacturing division, Synbiote represented Australia in the Startup Showcase.

This was an incredible experience to get involved in the international synthetic biology community and to showcase Synbiote at a global level. Thank you so much to the iGEM Startups Committee for bringing us all together!

Synbiote Co-Founders Ismat Kabbara (left) and Alinta Furnell (right) pitching Synbiote at the iGEM Startup Showcase. Picture Credit: iGEM Foundation.