Synbiote Lab - LEAF Sustainability Certification

October 18, 2022

Operating a laboratory is an extremely energy and resource intensive activity. Compared to office spaces, laboratories typically use 3 - 10x more energy and water per m2. Shockingly, it has also been estimated that approximately 2% of the plastic waste in the world has originated from life science laboratories alone.

Developed by the University College London, the Laboratory Efficiency Assessment Framework (LEAF), is an internationally recognised standard for sustainable laboratory operations. LEAF is  used across 12 countries and 70 institutions including Oxford, Cambridge, and now, UNSW!

Sustainability and improved resource efficiency is at the heart of Synbiote's mission.

As a resident startup in the UNSW School of Biotechnology & Biomolecular Sciences, Synbiote was proud to participate in the LEAF Program and has been awarded Bronze Level Certification! Synbiote is the first of the UNSW startups-in-residence to receive sustainability certification for our laboratory operations.

Thank you to UNSW Estate Management for supporting this initiative and special commendation to Shruthi Annamalai for driving this forward within Synbiote!

The Synbiote laboratory has been awarded Bronze Level Certification for the Laboratory Efficiency Assessment Framework (LEAF) developed by UCL.