What is a scientist?

August 17, 2021

Across Australia, National Science Week is celebrated in recognition of groundbreaking research and the scientists behind it all.

This year, the University of New South Wales delved deeper into a question that's a lot more complicated than it may seem - "what is a scientist?". This campaign opened the floor to scientists across UNSW to discuss who scientists actually are, as well as the myriad of misconceptions, stereotypes, and expectations surrounding them.

I was one of the 8 scientists interviewed by UNSW, and spoke about my experience as a scientist in the startup ecosystem. Hear more about the campaign and the stories shared on the UNSW website here!

Following on with the festivities, I also had the opportunity to talk on Startup Daily about the potential of research-driven innovation in scientific enterprise, as well as the importance of scientists in the startup ecosystem - watch the full episode here!

Alinta Furnell speaks to Simon Thomsen on AusBiz Startup Daily for National Science Week,