Synbiote is streamlining the purification step of the biomanufacturing process through process-analytical-technology.

Whether it is a vaccine, a chemotherapy drug, a synthetic fibre, or even a lab-grown meat product - process optimisation has the potential to reduce the time and costs associated with purification, as well as increase yield.


Process control allows us to monitor and adjust protocols for optimal results.

Integrating Process-Analytical-Technologies (PAT) into your pipeline has the potential to enhance understanding of your bioprocesses. In turn, this can increase yield as well as reduce the time, resources, and costs associated with biomanufacturing.

Quality analysis in real-time.


Synbiote's NOODLE is a process-analytical-technology that uses established analytical methods to provide a comprehensive chemical fingerprint in real-time.

  • Real-time quality analysis will allow you to adjust protocols as they are occuring.

  • Our technology is specific for biological molecules.

  • Interested to learn how process-analytical-technology can accelerate your bioprocessing? Contact us for a consulation.